SSC Program

Teaching Subjects

1. Mathematics
2. Higher Math
3. English
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Biology, and
7. ICT
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HSC Program

Teaching Subjects

1. Higher Math 1st Part
2. Higher Math 2nd Part
3. Physics 1st Part
4. Physics 2nd Part
5. Biology 1st Part
6. Biology 2nd Part
7. English 1st and 2nd Part
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JSC Program

Teaching Subjects

1. English
3. General Science
4. ICT
and others subjects.
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What is Our Goal?

We are a team in Bangladesh to provide quality education for the students of JSC, SSC and HSC level.No nation can prosper without education. But only education is not enough. We have to ensure proper schooling system. Unfortunately, Our students are not taught properly in the school or college. It is a matter of regret that in the school colleges, they only focus on private teaching. Not only that the teachers make bound the student to study at their house or home coaching center.They lure the studest to get them higher marks in the examination as they have right to distribute the marks. As a result, lots of student for the sake of getting good marks in exam go to the their coaching center. But they could not learn anything there. Consequently, They cannot obtain good marks in the real exam that means in the SSC or HSC exam. Parents also play role as a blind because they know the matter, yet they do not take any action to the teachers nor complain anywhere.

This is because we have taken step to change this trend for the sake of the students. If we let this situation going on, then our nation will be empty brain. The most matter of regret is that the student are taught anything practically though it is the most perfect way of teaching. They are only taught how to get something by heart. Memorizing is a good thing but only memorizing cannot bring good result. Students have to learn about the real life and real things. They have to know about our culture, our landscapes, and our people.

We have made a good team of brilliant student who have recenty passed from the university and have been working to a highly renewed institutions. We have a lots of book resources also and we make content for the teaching to the students. Our qualified teachers get ready their material before teaching the students. We have 24 hours CCTV Surveillance in the classroom. There is multimedia projector to teach the students visually. We have specific specialist on each subject like math expert, physics expert, chemistry expert, english guru. To talk to our expert or to join our coaching center call us at 01724-827196. Be the part of quality education. Have a nice day.

To be a part of our community, join as a teacher. To place your position at teacher's profile, send us a CV, a copy of national ID card, and a recent passport size official photograph. E-mail us at
A quality education is supported by three key pillars: ensuring access to quality teachers; providing use of quality learning tools and professional development; and the establishment of safe and supportive quality learning environments.